Main Stage Theatre presents - The Absolutely True Story of King Arthur - 4
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Main Stage Theatre presents - The Absolutely True Story of King Arthur - 4

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The legend of The Sword in the Stone is rich with adventure, magic, heroes, and villains. In The Absolutely True Story of King Arthur, you’ll also adore the large number of female roles and a heaping serving of Spamalot! style humor.

This fun, non-musical adaptation of the classic tale features Arthur’s nefarious older sister, Morgan le Fay, as a contemptuous, power-hungry villainess who seeks the throne at any cost. Sensing this, their father, King Uthra, consults magician Merlin, who takes the king and queen’s newborn son and hides him away from harm until he is grown. Years pass and Morgan goes on the hunt for her brother, enlisting the help of an old crone named Grungehilde. Heartless and unscrupulous, Morgan also frees Saxons from the dungeon to get rid of the king, clearing her path to be queen...or so she thinks!

Can young Arthur pull the sword from the stone and take his rightful place on the throne? Only with the help of a strong and independent young woman named Guinevere and his hapless friend Kay can the absolutely true story of King Arthur be told! Tickets will also be available at the door on the day of performance.
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