Main Stage Theatre Presents - The Secret Garden - 1
15 Mar 07:00 PM event_repeat
Until 15 Mar, 09:00 PM 2h

Main Stage Theatre Presents - The Secret Garden - 1

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The classic children’s book, beloved by several generations, tells a beautiful story about love and transformation.  Mary, a lonely and spoiled orphan girl, arrives at Misselthwaite Manor to no fanfare.  Her uncle is almost always away, made bitter by the loss of his wife during childbirth ten years earlier.  Left to her own devices to entertain herself, Mary discovers a secret garden, once her aunt’s favorite place, but now shut off from the world.  Mary also discovers her cousin Colin, a sickly boy who’s always kept isolated.  Mary’s attention and nurturing, both for the garden and for Colin, creates magical transformations.  In secret, Mary and her new friend Dickon replant beautiful flowers and bring the garden back to life.  In a touching climax, the garden’s magic inspires the sickly Colin to walk and his stooped father to stand tall and learn to love again.
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