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Mission Statement

Main Stage Theatre is focused on developing character in young artists with an emphasis on artistic integrity as they explore the craft of theatre in a loving and Christ-centered environment. Our mission is to offer a nurturing, safe, disciplined theatre program that prepares artists to use their knowledge, skill, and compassion to make meaningful contributions to our world.

Core Objectives and Values

  • Integrity: Training each student to be and give their very best to God each day, regardless of who may be watching.

  • Empathy: Sanford Meisner once said that, “Acting is telling the truth in imaginary circumstances.” Through theatre, students are introduced to a larger world as they get to know and develop their characters.

  • Character: Theatre requires discipline, commitment, and integrity. It builds confidence and self worth. When casting a show, our Artistic Team doesn’t just look at who will be the best for each role, but which role will grow each young person the most.

  • Quality: At Main Stage Theatre we are committed to maintaining a wholesome environment while providing a quality product.

  • Accountability: Student leaders are called to behave as a godly role model, promoting awareness of proper behavior in accordance with the rules.

  • Stewardship: We are grateful for the space that we are blessed with and the sets, props, and costumes that people work hard to create for us. We will strive to leave our space better than we found it and to treat all items with respect.

Main Stage Theatre
Alice in Wonderland


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A leadership team with vision

Melanie Neal
Melanie Neal

Artistic Director /

Seleia Vaughn
Seleia Vaughn

Asst. Director

Amarra Neal
Amarra Neal

Stage Manager

Jules Loring
Jules Loring

Costume Design