Safety Policies

Background Check Policy

ExCEL Academic League will perform a criminal background check on all adult volunteers from each family.  This is to protect our children, our families, and ExCEL.  Anyone who is unwilling to submit to a background check, will not be accepted as a member of ExCEL Academic League and will receive a refund of their $35 membership fee.  Background checks will be performed thru Washington Access To Criminal History (WATCH).  Background checks will be run annually on all adult volunteers in ExCEL, even if you had a check in prior years.

Illness Policy

For the health, happiness, and well-being of all those participating in ExCEL’s various programs and activities, ExCEL has instituted the following illness policy.  

If ANYONE in your household has had a fever, vomited, is lethargic, has an unexplained rash, or has any other communicable illnesses within 24 hours of any ExCEL event, class, activity, co-op, practice, etc…  Your entire family is asked to stay home and not participate for that day.  This means that all siblings will stay home even if they are not showing signs of illness.  If someone in your family is on antibiotics for an illness, please wait until they are no longer contagious before coming back to ExCEL.